Step How to know our Email as read

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Step How to know our Email as read

How to retrieve our email read or open people. Email or electronic mail is an electronic mail sent over the Internet network. In this electronic mail can contain text messages, images or files. Use of email is widely used in the world of marketing or online sales. Most of the sales or marketers use email to send the data in a text or file message, always hoping that the message get into the email inbox of the prospective client or client and then read. To find out if our email has been read or not, we can use the default Windows application that is Micrsosoft Outlook.

The Outlook application used in this case instance is Office Outlook 2007, How to:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook app > press CTRL + N or click the File > New > Mail Message menu, to open a new message form
  2. Input the destination email, Subject (optional) email, email content.
  3. Click the Options menu, in the Tracking section tick "Request a Delivery Receipt" and "Request a Read Receipt".
  4. Click the "Send" button, to send the email.

If there is an email already opened, the message will appear as shown below:

Your message
Subject: How to know the Email we have read
Sent: 03/08/2018 17:45 AM
War Read on 03/08/2018 17:45 AM

Note: The user that opens the email we should use the Microsoft Outlook application as well.

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