Virtual State

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Virtual State
It is not impossible if there is a virtual country, because it is seen from the quantity and quality of Internet users have developed very significantly. The development of information technology affects the tendency of human thinking to influence patterns and lifestyles. Example: Online stores are scattered like,,,, able to "tear down" the existence of malls or supermarkets in large cities, so the supermarket of the sun closes many branches throughout the Indonesia because it always suffered losses. Investing in digital markets is no mess. Lazada purchased by Jack Ma owner at a price of USD 1 billion.

In the field of transportation, the existence of online ordering applications can "beat " The existence of companies that have established transportation services and have mastered the streets of major cities in Indonesia, such as Blue Bird and Express taxis. If the company does not adapt their method of service to the current condition, it does not close the possibility that the company will be bankrupt.

In terms of quantity, the Internet has spread to the village Pelososk so that it allows everyone can connect to the Internet. Based on the data of the Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (APJII) in 2017, Internet users have reached 143 million from a total of 260m inhabitants. And every year the use continues to grow, it is in line with the development of the Internet.

In terms of quality, Internet users understand the ins and outs of Internet, for example using various social media based applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube to upload videos, etc... And more "concern" is the Internet users like to live in their own world. Physically adjacent, but the direction of his mind is on the Internet. This is because of the influence/effect of Internet that has made the Internet users a distribution, as if living in real nature (real).

So.. If viewed from two sides above (quality and quantity), then it is not impossible virtual state will be built in the future.

Estonia, one of the first European countries in the world. In that country the use of digital systems is so massive, such as public services have been digital-based, online elections, online health records, and digital-based services.

So a virtual country in the future is not impossible. So.... Virtual Welcome country.

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