Close relationship with Sufism with Modern technology

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Close relationship with Sufism with Modern technology
Most people define Sufism is one of the branches of science in Islam that teaches about mystical things, things that are kinky, strange things and the superstitious things. Whereas if thoroughly reviewed, Sufism is the science that birth logic knowladge, that we know in modern times such as economics, literature, philosophy, medicine, social politics, military, medicine, mathematics, Physics, biology, astronomy, navigation, etc.

Why can this be so?, if examined from the figures who spread the science Sufism, apparently they are scientists in the era of Muslims reach a glorious civilization, and it is also the forerunner of modern civilization nowadays. People who possess and disseminate Tasawuf knowledge are known by the name Sufi. The very famous Sufi figures include Syeh Abdul Qadir Jailani with Qadiriyah order, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi with Maulawiyah, also known as the name of the spinning dervishes, Junaid al Baghdadi, Abu Yazid al Bustami, judge Sana'i, Al Gazali, MuḼammad bin Musa al-Khawarizmi or Al-Khwarizmi (studied at Jakfar Shiddiq, one of the grandchildren of Rasulullah) who created the book Al Jabar, and many more Sufi figures.

The Sufi figure teach the science of Sufism, by the knowledge of all matters to the owner and source of all sciences, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. So the teaching method is oriented on Islamic spirituality. Unlike modern scientists whose thinking orientation is linked to material things (seen by human-sensing/explained by the narrow aqal) to give birth to atheists (not gods).

These Sufi figures do not only possess the Fiqh or the method of Tariqa (Zikir, etc.), but also mastered the various disciplines mentioned above. For example, Syeh Abdul Qadir Jailani, he mastered economics, Astornomi, treatment (treatment of birth and human inner), etc. In the field of military, also called Haji Bektash (Bektasiayah order), which formed a special army of Ottoman Sultanate to conquer Constantinople named Janisari.

All the great sultans of Muslims reach a glorious civilization (Abbasid dynasty in Iraq, the Turkish Sultan Ottoman Empire in Turkey, the Fatimid dynasty in Egypt, etc.) are the results of the thought and direct involvement of Sufi teachers in organizing and Build a system of spirituality, politics, military and economics.

One of the figures of Sufism that has a large contributed for the advancement of modern civilization is Al Khwarizmi with the his book of Al Jabar.  In the book of al-Jabar there is an explanation of the logical gate that became the basis and the forerunner of computer technology. The computer is like a mini prototype of the universe. The basic number system in the computer is binary: 0 and 1. From binary numbers (binaries digits) This is "born " The other number system, i.e. octal (0-7), Decimal (0-9) and hexadecimal (0-F [0-15]).

In the concept of Sufism, this nature is created from a mixture of 2 different entities namely "feminism " and "masculine ", 0 and 1.

Then it is not strange if the civilization of Muslims in the Middle East reaches the glorious era when the science of Sufism is taught widely and correctly by teachers who are capable and reliable and with the correct methods and procedures.

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