Causes of companies bankrupt in the Digital Era

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Causes of companies bankrupt in the Digital Era
In today's Digital Era, many companies are bankrupt even if they are established, for example Nokia in the Era before Android presence, is very successful. In the year 90, many used Kodak for photographs. Most of the people who use the camera to photograph using Kodak, but see now, his company is already down because it does not innovate or do not adapt to the development of technology. In Indonesia, many companies have decreased revenues, such as transportation and retail businesses.

The main cause of these companies went bankrupt was that it could not adapt to technological developments and advances.

There are 3 traits the company will bankrupt in the future:

1. The destruction can not adapt to technological advances

Nowadays, we can spend more than 7 hours in front of the handphone, and no matter what age already, from the little children who have not school until the elderly.

Applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsUp have become daily necessities for us who live in a digital all era.

If your company is unable to adapt to technological developments, then it certainly qualifies as a company's bankruptcy in the future. So, your company must have Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,... and must have a Website so that it can be accessed by anyone so that your company can be Terindex/registered in Google.

The dissemination of information is now based on digital systems. Many benefits and advantages that can be gained from the use of digital systems, including the savings in the cost of marketing operations, as well as wide marketing coverage, is not limited by space and time. Meaning even though the company is in Jakarta and its operational hours only until 5 pm, then with the use of digital system, people who are anywhere and whenever can know the information about your company. It is ensured in terms of profit/profit, more increased if compared with the use of conventional business systems.

2. Many employees who are 40 years old and above

This is the second warning if many employees who are over 40 years old and do not understand the development of technology. Today is the millennial age where the age range between the birth of the year 1980 to 2000 an age of millennials is a very productive age, high working spirit let alone coupled with the mastery of technology so that it can create the latest innovations .

If the average employee age is over 40 years old, not technological literacy and lazy to adapt to the development of technology, then your company has qualified bankruptcy.

So the solution is that your company should have the majority of employees whose age is over 17 years old until 38 years because at that age range, on average already understand the basic science and how to use technology.

3. The company does not dare to overhaul its organizational system to be filled by the millennial age

If it is only bound by the seniority principle because the reason for more corporate understanding exceeds the young employee, then your company has qualified bankruptcy company in the future.


Because for the company's business development needs, the moving averages are slow for today's technological era. Because they work based on the science they have that Notabene have Jadul science aka still using conventional business system.          

The solution, place employees who are millennials because they have mastered the concept of knowledge and the development of modern technology, then it is ensured your company will survive bankruptcy.

Indeed, 3 points above is not an absolute condition of bankruptcy of a company, but at least it can be a parameter to assess a company if it can survive in a world of advanced now.

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