9 Reasons Business Network Marketing Doesn't Have a Growing

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9 Reasons Business Network Marketing Doesn

Network Marketing - The successful opportunity for people who follow the business Network Marketing system is huge, the business system provides success for anyone regardless of gender, social and educational background, age, work experience And so on. Many rich people in the world who recommend network marketing or multi level marketing, such as wealthy entrepreneurs like Robert T Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill Gate, Paul Zane Pilzer, Franklin Covey and many more recommend the system Network marketing business.


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But, this type of business is widely regarded by the majority of people. Why many feel pessimistic with business network marketing systems, here are 9 reasons why this type of business is not developing:

1. Not studying marketed products

Knowing the ins and outs of a marketed product is very important because by studying the product then we will understand the target market that will be sought or intended.

Network Marketing is one way to market a product, so who is the target consumer and the added value that can be offered by the end consumer or the reseller or member for the product should we understand well. Multi level marketing is not selling dreams, but marketing products and providing services to consumers through members in the marketing network.


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Many network marketing actors spend a lot of money to buy a pile of goods and the items accumulate in their homes. This is because of mistaken misunderstandings about network marketing. In the network marketing concept, business travelers do not need to do large quantities of purchases because the supply of goods is the responsibility of the company.

2. Assume that the network will evolve by itself

Many have assumed that in the network marketing business, by making purchases or investments with some money, the network will develop by itself. The network will be built automatically by the system or on line. In fact, to develop the network need training for personality development, leadership development, technical skills, ability to sell products and so on.

A network that can develop by itself without training or training that provides service education to the customers and also build the spirit of leadership is suspected as a money game. Building networking or marketing network required coaching sustainably, from the beginning of joining to the already high ranking.


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A network built with a strong foundation will last long and provide a lot of positive values, not only to the networking business or MLM itself, but also to the consumers of the product.

3. Not studying the marketing plan in depth

Many business network marketing directly plunge without first learning the marketing plan provided by the company partnering. Direct joining as the lure is tempted by the leader. Many money games are packed by way of MLM or network marketing business, so that people who join in advance will get a big profit and join later as a victim.

4. Do not do research on companies where they work

Many network marketing companies are closed after going through the 5th or 10th year. This usually happens because in the early stages of giving excessive bonuses to the leaders to attract them join.

Companies that have just stood or less than 5 years need to be carefully in advance. This is important because sometimes a leader spends much of its time on the business, when the company suddenly closes it will cause big losses and frustration for the distributor in question.

Need to be aware of how the company's short and long term commitments to distributors. Always a commitment to the distributor that needs to be considered is the company's policy on the products offered whether to follow the market development or not.

5. Don't like presentations and follow training

Presentations and training are important routines that must be run by multi-level business marketing or network marketing businesses. Presentation is a time when we provide explanations about the benefits of the product and how to transfer the knowledge that is owned to our business partners.

Through the presentation, the leaders provide guidance on how to succeed in running the business. Training-Training not only provide ongoing knowledge to the leaders, but also a means of giving motivation. Training-training motivation is important to keep the spirit and enthusiasm remain high in running this business.

6. Not doing personality development

Establishing networking or MLM marketing Networks is a partnership with many people. To establish this good relationship every perpetrator needs to always develop a personality.

Personality development will give a big role to the growth of the network and the bigger the network then the challenges will also be greater. Business people who are constantly developing their personality will build relationships with many very high success rates.

7. Not being a good listener

More talk than on listening is the wrong thing because what we are talking about is not necessarily liked by our prospects or partners. With much talk we are accentuating ourselves than others so that we do not understand what they need and want.

To help them in the development of business networks, we need to understand what their needs and desires are.

8. Forcing others to join

Because of the overwhelming passion in running the business, many MLM players are forcing others to join in committing fraud. Such practices are what make a negative judgment of MLM or network marketing. We have to explain the benefits or advantages they get by joining a member in an interesting way. Let them think about determining whether to join or not.

9. Not conducting network development

Business partners are assets in the network marketing business system. It is important for leaders to develop their business partners. A leader must invest his time in providing training, direction and Motiviation for his business partners.

If we work 3 hours one day and in the same way there are 10 partners who also work then we actually work 30 hours. This can happen if a leader consystems to the development of his business partner.

Thus the article on 9 Reasons Business Network Marketing Doesn't Have a Growing.

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