It turns out that the Plane Black Box Technologist is out of date

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It turns out that the Plane Black Box Technologist is out of date


The black box (black box) is a very important tool for aircraft during an airplane accident.

This tool serves to save what happens between the pilot to his crew or the control tower. black box can also store various information from many sensors on the plane related to problems that could be the cause of accidents. recorded information will be clues to clues by certain parties to unravel the mystery of the cause of the accident

Black Box consists of two parts, namely Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (VCR). FDR stores flight parameters for 25 hours before overwriting a new record. This information includes speed, altitude, time, and direction of the aircraft. The VCR saves the conversation between the pilot and his crew or the control tower, the recording period is two hours, after which it will continue to re-record itself and overwrite the previous data

But it turns out, black box technology is out of date amid the rapid development of technology now. black boxes were first used in the 1950s. the inventor is Dr. David Warren from Australia.

The first prototype black box was made in 1956 under the name ARL Flight Memory Unit. It took about 5 years for Warren to make his device important by the world of aviation. The latest black boxes have used solid-state memory as storage media. The storage capacity can be up to 700 flight parameter data

Black box must also have safety standards, namely fire resistance, water resistance, and being able to withstand pressure up to a depth of 6,000 meters below sea level

Why is it out of date?

When it falls into the air, the black box will send out vibrations. BUT, the tracker has a battery that lasts only up to 30 days. Examples of cases that occur in the case of the Air France accident in 2009. Search officials took up to two years to find the black box

why not use GPS technology?

The idea arose that sending recorded data in the cockpit as well as flight information to satellites and stored in storage storage media. This device needs a super large bandwidth to transmit information in realtime and requires a large capacity to store data. So the airline must add certain components throughout its fleet, order satellites, and store data storage.

Data bandwidth using satellites is very expensive. It costs around USD 1 per kilobyte, increasing over time. The hindering factor is money.

"As with everything, you know money will always be a problem," said Brickhouse, of Popular Science.

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