Electric Aircraft Could Become Future Aircraft

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Electric Aircraft Could Become Future Aircraft

Electric Plane & Electric Car


The technology that is developing in today's world has shifted to digital systems. Likewise for vehicle fuels in the future, namely the use of petroleum will switch to electricity. Land vehicles, such as cars, have been widely discussed on major YouTube channels, such as the Raffi Ahmad, Andre Taulany and many more and even went viral on YouTube social media. Well, this shift will sooner or later affect the pattern of modern human life, where life is now fast and instantaneous.


Well, the trend of electric-based vehicles is not only monopolized by land vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. It turns out that even vehicles in the air, like planes, don't want to be left behind. An Israeli start-up, Eviation, develops its first commercial electric aircraft, the Alice. Alice first appeared at the Paris Air Show in 2019. This electric aircraft is scheduled to first fly this year (2021) and be sold to the market starting in 2022.


Alice's electric aircraft is capable of carrying nine passengers and two crew. This electric aircraft can cover a distance of 1,000 km, with a top speed (maximum speed) of 240 knots (445 km / h) on a single battery charge. Quoted from Bussines Insider.


By design, the Alice electric fuselage is made of a lightweight material, with three propellers on both wings and a tail. Alice is carrying a very large lithium-ion battery weighing 3.6 metric tons or the equivalent of 3,600 kg.


It is claimed that electric aircraft fleets like Alice can reduce airplane ticket prices by between 40% and 80%. That's because electric planes don't cost as much as operating a conventional airplane. A rough count, an electric plane only costs USD 200 (Rp. 2.8 million) per flight hour to operate. Meanwhile, turboprop aircraft can cost between USD 1,200 (Rp. 16.9 million) to USD 2,000 (Rp. 28.2 million) per flight hour.


The co-founder and CEO of Eviation Aircraft, Omer Bar-Yohay, estimates that Alice's plane will be certified by 2022. US-based Cape Air has decided to buy the plane for USD 4 million (Rp.56.4 billion) per plane.


The airline plans to use Alice's electric aircraft to serve regional routes from Boston to Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard to New Hampshire and New York.

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