How To Make a Youtube Video For Begginers

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How To Make a Youtube Video For Begginers

How To Make a Youtube Video. Today's profession that is very tempting is being a YouTuber. Becoming a Youtuber has been the dream of many millennials. This is because the salary of a YouTuber is tempting. In addition, a youtuber also has flexible time.

Yes, just one video can turn into millions or even millions of rupiah if it turns out that the video is watched by many people. However, getting a lot of viewers is not easy for a youtuber, especially for those of you who are new to this platform.

However, you must remain optimistic, as long as it is accompanied by hard work. Here are some tips for making videos on Youtube, so that many people watch our videos:

1. Determine the topic of the video

One of the important things that a beginner youtuber needs to do is determine the topic of the video. For example, about traveling, lifestyle, beauty or videos about daily activities. the topic or theme of the video so that it can make the audience understand about the Youtube Channel that you have created.

If you are still confused about determining the right video topic, then there is no need to be confused. You can create a video theme / topic from what you like so far. For example, for those of you who have a hobby in the world of traveling, you can try that theme and discuss various cool places to visit, cheap hotels for a traveler, and much more.


2. Videos that have many benefits

Making youtube videos must pay attention to the usefulness side for many people. for example videos about motivating and inspiring people for something useful to do while studying, tutorials to get things done. For example, cooking tutorial videos, home decorating tips, healthy living tips, and so on. What must be reached is that you must master the content well, so that the information can be conveyed optimally.


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3. Create a video title that makes you curious

In addition to being viral, the title of the video you make on Youtube must also contain words that make the audience curious. Usually if the viewer is curious, then they will want to click on the video to watch it. Use capital letters or punctuation marks such as exclamation points, question marks and other punctuation marks in the video title, so that the video invites curiosity.

Use short and concise video titles. Because viewers do not like and only to read long video titles. Also the title of the video can make the audience curious. An example of a YouTube channel that uses a short title and has many viewers is Fadil Jaidi. The title is only about a maximum of 5 words, but the audience can reach several million.


4. Don't be too rigid in making youtube videos

A Youtuber must be flexible in making video content, because this can make the course of the video seem stiff and boring. Even though the title and thumbnail are designed in an attractive way, it could be a video that we have uploaded, there are rarely viewers who are interested in watching our YouTube video longer.

Well, the topic of the video discussed may be serious, but try to seem relaxed during the recording process. So, the videos made are fun to watch. Well, to make it look professional, then add a background sound effect or background according to the scene in the video.


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5. Add link in newly created video

If there are still previous videos, the audience is still small, try to add links from some of the old videos to the latest videos. We put the old video link in the description column, or pin it at the top of the video that is currently running. By clicking on the link that we have shared, viewers can be directed to the old video page.

The video link that will be shared, should still be related to the newly uploaded video, so that there is a relationship between the new video and the old video. The viewers of our channel can also get a lot of knowledge or information about the themes that are shared.


6. Put a hashtag on the video

Sometimes making a complete video title is not a guarantee that viewers can find the video they are looking for. By adding hashtags, the video search process becomes easier. because the video displayed will be related to the hashtag that has been included in the video.

Add hashtags in the description column to make it easier to find videos. You can add multiple hashtags to any video on Youtube.

Use Youtube SEO tools, such as, VidIQ, and so on to find out which hashtags are used most often or are trending. So that your video can be watched by many viewers

7. Share youtube videos on social media

Many viewers of a video, sometimes many come from social media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin. Use the social media you have as much as possible to share the video you just uploaded. Sharing videos is very easy. You do this by pressing the share button at the bottom of the description, then selecting the destination social media, then the video will be immediately displayed on the social media.


Hopefully the article "How To Make a Youtube Video For Begginers", can be useful for beginner youtuber

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