The Benefits and Threats of the Metaverse for Human Civilization

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The Benefits and Threats of the Metaverse for Human Civilization

Metaverse is a future internet system that was promoted by Mark Zuckerberg with his company, Meta. Meta is a name change from Facebook.

Metaverse Benefits for Human Life

Metaverse is an IDE about the future internet system. This technology has not been implemented to the general public, so not many people know the benefits that can be obtained from the Metaverse system. However, when viewed from the use of the system, there will be many benefits, for example in the field of online sales, the most complicated items to buy online are shoes, clothes, rings, and so on, because we have to match them directly. However, by using Metaverse technology, we can measure and match the item we are going to buy virtually, whether it is suitable or not.

This is because, in the metaverse system, we will enter a 4D virtual world, as if it were real life. So, we can do activities in the real world in the virtual world.


Metaverse Threat for Human Life

A Professor of AI and Spatial Computing from Liverpool Hope University, Dr David Reid, is a bit concerned about this Metaverse system. While he believes that the Metaverse has the potential to bring some interesting things to human life, it also has drastic risks in terms of data privacy and cyberbullying.

And the most worrying thing is that the development of this technology will blur the line between the virtual world and the real world. Whoever becomes the master of this future technology, will have access to an unprecedented amount of data. It means an innumerable power.

"The market for metaverse systems is huge. Whoever controls it, will have control over your entire life. Many of today's MR [mixed-reality] prototype systems have face, eye, body and hand tracking technology. Most have state-of-the-art cameras. Some even incorporate Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to pick up brain wave patterns. In other words, everything you say, manipulate, see, or even think can be monitored on MR. The data that will be generated will be vast and invaluable," said Dr. Reid.

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