Content Creators Can Make Money from Facebook

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Content Creators Can Make Money from Facebook

Good news for making money for content creators, not only on YouTube we can earn money, Facebook has recently been testing a money-making feature for content creators.

Competition for social media applications such as youtube and tiktok in making money for content creators, makes Facebook continue to upgrade its various features. Facebook is testing its subscription service for content creators through the group feature provided by Facebook. Users are asked to pay for exclusive access to be able to access content or conversations in the available subgroups in the group.


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In the development of upgrading Facebook features in recent times, Facebook has built a community or group as part of increasing the involvement of many people through their application. For example, we are invited to create a group on Facebook to conduct buying and selling transactions or online stores.

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckeberg said that, there will be content creators can share special links or links so that they can get their payment fees for paid content on Facebook.

However, not all subgroup services are paid because Facebook also provides free services. Facebook also allows users from a subgroup who want to unfollow or only follow certain topics in the group that they are part of.

However, previously, the Facebook Group feature received strict scrutiny from regulators and sharp criticism from technology experts because they considered it to be able to present a closed space for harmful and incorrect content, to extreme content.

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